Party Like It’s 1776: Fourth of July Playlist

Let's celebrate our great nation the way our forefathers intended: with sandals, barbecues, and politically charged music. (That was their intention. They just didn't know it yet.)

Hit It: Road Trip Playlist

The days are longer. The sun is brighter. The vibes in the universe are just generally better. It must be summer, which means it's time to put on the OOO, pack a bag, and embark on an epic road trip. And don't forget the jams.

The Tour Diaries: Chris Farren

Chris Farren recently returned from his first European tour as a solo artist, opening for Brian Fallon of Gaslight Anthem fame. Before he left, we sent him off with a camera, asking him to document life on the road. See what our favorite pseudo narcissist had to say.

Catching Up with Smooth Hound Smith

With over 100,000 miles traveled across 30 states and some 500 shows played over the last few years, this UGG Offstage band shows no signs of slowing down.

The Musicians: Warm Brew

We sat down with Serk Spliff, Ray Wright, and Manu Li—members of the LA-based group Warm Brew and the UGG Collective—to get answers to our five of our most pressing questions.

Love Songs for All the Feels

Ah, love. It makes us do some pretty crazy things, like write soul-baring songs. In honor of Valentine's Day, we've curated some of our favorites. So here's a playlist for your listening pleasure. Or anguish.

The Tour Diaries: Lydia Loveless

From California to Vermont, Lydia Loveless captured her favorite moments on tour to show us what life is really like on the road.

Keeping Track of The Railers

When brothers Jonathan and Jordan Lawson met Cassandra Lawson, the three found more in common than a last name. Passionate and talented musicians, they all adopted Nashville as home in hopes of breaking into the industry. Stronger together than apart, they ditched their solo careers and formed The Railers. Since then it’s just been studio sessions and road trips as they chase a hit.

The Best of 2016

Seems that everyone is ready to say, “Peace out, 2016.” But the year wasn’t a total bust. Let’s toast to some of the highlights.

Songs for the New Year

New Year’s always gives us pause. It’s a time to reflect on where we’ve been and all the possibilities ahead, and nothing fuels this kind of introspection like the songs on this playlist. So take a moment to relax and enjoy before we ring in 2017.

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