The Tour Diaries: Across America with VÉRITÉ

VÉRITÉ (Kelsey Byrne) and her friend, photographer Nicole Mago, let their creativity run wild on a road trip across the country. Check out some of their favorite moments.

The Darling x UGG Retreat

We spent the better part of last week in Joshua Tree for a retreat with Darling, a magazine, media company, and social movement focused on female empowerment. Read on for some of the highlights.

Desert Bound with Darling

Remember when everyone was anxiously awaiting an end to the “worst year ever?" Well 2017 hasn't brought much relief. We need to escape, and the desert is calling.

100 Hours in California

Writer Jedidiah Jenkins, who joined us on our recent road trip with Wilderness Collective, offers advice for a reconnaissance trip to California.

Be Our Guest: The Darling x UGG Dinner

Spring. It's a time for new beginnings, and we want in. So we partnered with with Darling and Lee Tilghman for a Darling Dinner, bringing together a group of brilliant women in celebration of the season, fresh starts, and our home state of California.

Coming Up: Exploring California with Wilderness Collective

This year we decided to get back in touch with our roots, which have been planted in California since 1978. To celebrate our heritage, we're partnering with Wilderness and getting ready for an epic road trip down the coast of our homeland.

From Waves to Wood

In an effort to get back in touch with our roots in California surf culture, we invited Grain to host a workshop at our Santa Barbara headquarters. Meet the four surfers who attended the class and see their dream surfboards, which they built, shaped, and perfected from wood.

Going with the Grain

Most people are surprised to learn that UGG® was originally founded for surfers by a surfer. Though the iconic Classic boot has been adopted as a cold-weather staple, Brian Smith brought this style from his native Australia to Southern California in 1978, intending the style to warm surfers’ feet after dawn patrol. In order to unearth these roots and reconnect with our heritage in surfing, we called on Grain Surfboards for a little help.

The Artist: Tasya van Ree

One of the many elements that attracted us to Tasya for the UGG Collective was her strong sense of self, made all the more impressive by her somewhat shy demeanor and claim to multiple personalities. Dark, mysterious, warm, kind, creative, wise. We don’t have as easy a time confining her curious spirit to a handful of words. So get to know this creative powerhouse in over 1000 of her own.

10 Things with Sam Larson

The artist talks his passion, process, and why the West Coast is the best damn place in the world.

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