Mix and Match Textures

The fuzzy look and feel of the new Ricci sneaker has us rethinking texture for fall. Consider these unexpected combinations for an unforgettable look.

Weekday to Weekend Camo

From the workday to your day off, our new Camo Collection does it all while making sure you never blend in.

The Glitter Collection

Sparkle and shimmer is in vogue, much to the delight of everyone’s inner kid. We're celebrating with your favorite sporty silhouettes.

What the Fluff?

In case you haven’t noticed, fluffy slides are everywhere. Discover the origins on the newest It Shoe and learn why we love it.

Jewelry Making with Tribe of Dreamers

During the Darling x UGG Retreat, Jen and Annie from Tribe of Dreamers stopped by to share their inspiring story and jewelry-making expertise, helping us dress up our shoes and ankles.

What We Wore: The Darling x UGG Retreat

The women on our Darling Retreat were inspirational in many ways, style included. We want to highlight their original points of view and fashion savvy, so take a look and see how they wore our product in the desert.

Desert Bound with Darling

Remember when everyone was anxiously awaiting an end to the “worst year ever?" Well 2017 hasn't brought much relief. We need to escape, and the desert is calling.

Socks and Sandals: A Fashion Do

Forget the image of retired hippies in NorCal that this combination conjures. When done with the right sandals (i.e. non-orthopedic) and the right socks (i.e. not the kind you get in a bargain pack), this pairing is as fashion forward as it is functional. Take a look for some styling inspiration.

How to Wear the Islay

Honestly, we were apprehensive when we first saw this shoe. A turtleneck sneaker is enough to intimidate even the sartorially fearless, but the more time we spent looking at this style, the more we found ourselves enamored with the freshness of it. In case you find yourself experiencing similar trepidation, we’ve put together three looks to inspire you to confidently rock the Islay.

The Death of the Dress Code

The new millennium ushered in a style revolution. Here's our take on the sartorial shift.

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