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The Tour Diaries: Across America with VÉRITÉ – This is UGG

In the Summer of 2014, VÉRITÉ (Kelsey Byrne) quietly released her first single “Strange Enough” online. It was a collaboration with musician/producer Elliot Jacobson, whom she hit it off with on Twitter after some back and forth banter. Almost immediately the track went from quiet release to pop phenomenon, hitting #1 on Hype Machine. With a killer sound and catchy hooks, VÉRITÉ released her follow-up debut EP ‘Echo’ and has been making noise ever since.

After a recent mishap where her gear—a musician’s lifeline—couldn’t be shipped back to her home in LA, VÉRITÉ decided to take matters into her own hands and embark on a cross-country journey to NYC to get it back. Stopping in cities along the way to meet and perform for fans, UGG Offstage was there to provide a camera (and shoes) for the journey…

We stopped off at some random exit in Wyoming. We bought very innocent fireworks to light off. Here is the smoke. 

Some much needed R&R in Lake Shawnee, Pennsylvania. This was in the middle of nowhere and eerily quiet.

Cincinnati, Ohio. Outside a coffee shop inside a church. We got about four hours of sleep the night before.

Flagler, Colorado. We pulled off the highway, not expecting this town to exist. You can’t see it from the highway because it’s hidden behind these large mills. We drove down every street.

Somewhere, Pennsylvania. We found an antique radio museum run by a lovely gentleman named Ron who restores the radios. He explained the history of about fifty radios to us. We loved him.

Abandoned in Wyoming. We pulled off to this abandoned store with an “armed guard on duty” to deter break ins.

Fireworks. This is where we bought fireworks. We didn’t hit the shop credit card minimum, so he gave us the fireworks for free. First and last time that will ever happen to me.

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