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Be Our Guest: The Darling x UGG Dinner – This is UGG

Spring conjures a multitude of images—melting snow, blossoming flowers, freshly pedicured toes peaking out from a new pair of sandals—all of which approximate the season’s most basic abstraction. New beginnings. We all crave them. That’s why we look to every birthday or January 1st or equinox for a chance to start over.

At UGG® we’re not immune to this urge. Ever since dropping Australia from our logo last year, we have been seeking our own new beginning. And, ironically, there’s no better place to look than the past when you want to begin again. So we turned to the place we’ve always been: California.

To celebrate the brand’s birthplace, we partnered with Darling to host one of their famous dinners and bring some brilliant women together around a table. We tapped Lee Tilghman, a chef, food stylist, and lifestyle blogger based in Los Angeles, to prepare the menu and join in conversations of health and wellness—perhaps California’s most significant export in recent years.

At a home nestled in the Hollywood Hills, the conversation and drinks flowed as a diverse set of ladies sat down to feast on Lee’s Caesar salad, roasted salmon, cauliflower rice, and matcha pie. Drinks from Sip in LA, Rasi Wine, and Boochcraft and conversation flowed remarkably smoothly—so much so, in fact, that no one wanted to leave at the end of the night. As evidenced from the enthusiastically exchanged phone numbers and hugs, it seemed that everyone walked away from the dinner with new friends and new perspectives on self-care and female camaraderie. It felt like a fresh start, even if not entirely from scratch.

Table all set for the Darling x UGG Dinner.

Chef Lee Tilghman wears the UGG Elin sandal.Lee Tilghman in the Elin.

Debby Ryan, Sarah Dubbeldam, Ireland Baldwin, and Arielle Vandenberg have a laugh at the Darling x UGG Dinner.Debby Ryan, Sarah Dubbeldam, Ireland Basinger-Baldwin, and Arielle Vandenberg.

Charm Ladonna, Courtney Barry, and Raquelle Stevens laugh while posing in their UGG sandals.Charm La’Donna in the Hanneli, Courtney Barry in the Delaney, and Raquelle Stevens in the Royale.

Hanalei Reponty in the UGG Royale sandalHanalei Reponty strikes a pose in the Royale.

Lee Tilghman's dream cheese board with beet hummusLee’s cheese board dreams realized.

Darling Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director Sarah Dubbeldam kicks off the dinner.

Lee Tilghman's vegan caesar salad

Lee Tilghman's cauliflower rice and roasted wild salmon

Lee Tilghman prepares her matcha pie for the Darling x UGG Dinner.

Lee Tilghman's matcha pie

Everyone laughing and talking at the Darling x UGG Dinner

Photos by Cara Robbins

Additional thanks to Chelsea Carter, Hostess Haven, Chris Earl, Simply Rooted, Tripping, and Resource One Inc. for making the Darling x UGG Dinner possible!