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Coming Up: Exploring California with Wilderness Collective – This is UGG

This year we decided to get back in touch with our roots. When our founder left Australia and landed on the beaches of California, he had no idea the indelible footprint UGG® would make on the world or just how far the brand would journey beyond the sands of the West Coast.

Although our headquarters are based in Santa Barbara, California is massive; the state simply cannot be experienced from one place. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the good folks of Wilderness Collective to put together a trip to explore some of California’s greatest icons, including a few key surf points where we can test out our freshly crafted boards from Grain.

Some of our favorite people will also be along for the ride to help. For us, these individuals embody California’s renegade spirit. They’ll help us document the venture and uncover all the moving parts that make our state such a unique driving force of literature, entertainment, technology, food, and style in the world.

Make sure to follow @uggformen and @wildernesss (and uggofficial on Snapchat) for highlights of the trip all next week, and stay tuned for more stories on the blog. You can also follow our fellow adventurers to see our journey through their eyes: Alex Smith, SakaeSpencer Nuzzi, Jedidiah Jenkins, Cory Tran, Ryan Hansen, and Drew Martin.

Sakae surfs off the coast of California

Illustration by Sam Larson

Photo by Zach Brown