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What the Fluff? – This is UGG

Fluffy slides have gone from the ones to watch in 2016 to this year’s breakout street style stars. From Miu Miu’s pearl-embellished iteration to our very own Royale, this silhouette is officially fashion’s latest “ugly” shoe obsession (and we’d argue they’re anything but). But how did the newest It Shoe find its footing?

Whether you love to hate them, hate to love them, or adore them without shame, you owe your feelings towards the trend to Phoebe Philo, who debuted a range of “furkenstocks” for Céline’s Spring 2013 collection. The critics wondered if Philo was playing a joke on us mere mortals, seeing how far she could push the boundaries before we’d question her creative genius. Fashion bloggers questioned their audiences and each other: What do you think? Would you wear this? I don’t know.

Cut to 2015. Céline has already whet editors’ interest in the idea. Athleisure’s the word on everyone’s lips. Gucci and Tibi send hairy shoes down the runway at New York Fashion Week. And to seal the deal, Rihanna is spotted in Puma slides. So by now, the style is familiar enough that we’re not repulsed but not so familiar as to breed contempt. The perfect storm.

Of course we never need any convincing to love a fuzzy shoe, but in case you do, see them through our eyes.

They’re versatile.
They go with denim, shorts, and dresses of the mini, midi, and maxi variety. You can dress them up with tailored separates or a metallic dress, or keep things casual with jeans and post- or pre-workout ensembles.

They’re easy.
Something has to be said for the beauty of simplicity. The silhouette is classic, and it could hardly be any easier to put them on or kick them off in a rush.

You can’t help but smile when you see them.
Face it. They’re just good fun. It’s like having two adorable little creatures at your feet, which also plays into the nostalgia factor. Remember when you were a kid and Furby was all the rage? Consider this shoe the grown-up version.

Model wears a cropped black leather halter top with paisley print pants and the Royale in Seal.

Model wears a long sleeve blue midi dress and the Royale sandal in Baby Pink