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FEEL YOU with Feng Chen Wang

FEEL YOU is a celebration of individuality and style with over 30 artists, creatives, and activists from around the world. Following TELFAR and Molly Goddard, we continue the series with Feng Chen Wang, a Chinese-born, London-designer at the forefront of a new generation of talent emerging in fashion.

Embracing the experimental and authentic at every turn, Wang has pioneered a progressive approach to fashion that she brands “future-modern.” Reconciling iconic UGG DNA with her multidimensional aesthetic, UGG x Feng Chen Wang delivers a new take on our most timeless design – creating a collection characterized by harmonious contradictions and equally suitable for summer and winter.

Tell us about Feng Chen Wang. 

My brand focuses on technical outerwear, creating unisex clothing for both men and women which is functional but at the same time conceptual and personal, drawing on my life experiences.

Describe your brand in three words. 

Future-modern, authentic, and multidimensional.

Describe UGG in three words. 

Freedom, misunderstood (I think UGG boots are often taken at face value but ultimately underappreciated for their functionality and comfort), and radical (UGG has never shied away from interesting, experimental styles – an attitude I share towards breaking new ground in design).

Why did you want to partner with UGG. 

Because it is an unexpected collaboration. Even though we have working on footwear before, this is a new and radically different collaboration which I loved working on. The clash of cultures, background, and origins of both brands is exactly what makes this partnership interesting and meaningful. We’re excited to see how our signature functionality and deconstructed design language can play with iconic footwear like UGG in a fresh, new way.

What are some things Feng Chen Wang and UGG have in common? 

Functionality and cultural storytelling. Born from our geographic location, environment, and surroundings, this is an element we both cherish and a core value in the development of new products. There’s also the element of comfort that we want people to feel in this modern life.

Describe the inspiration behind the styles created for the collaboration. 

We were looking at how UGG was popular among surfers in the 60s due to its functionality. The idea of a boot that’s often associated with winter being worn in a sunny scenario along the beach immediately made us think about binary opposites and juxtaposition of elements – two ideas which are related to Feng Chen Wang’s deconstructed aesthetic. I purposefully kept the Classic Boot’s original colors and reinterpreted it into a double-wear design. This means this pair of shoes can be worn at the same time in December by someone in Melbourne or in Beijing. I call it “Winter boots. Summer wear.”