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Between New York and Los Angeles, Gabrielle Richardson is an activist and curator for Art Hoe Collective. She’s also the founder of Brown Girl Butterfly, a community project providing aid to womxn and non-binary folx of color through healing and soft protest. Wearing the new Classic Ultra Mini Boot and UGG Ready-to-Wear, meet Gabrielle Richardson.


Describe a day in the life of Gabrielle Richardson. 

I wake up and do my skin care routine (don’t miss a step), then I usually work on my art and whatever projects I have going on, or go on a hike.

How do you FEEL these days and why? 

Obviously upset, but I’m doing my best to help others because I know they’re hurting as well! When I try to help others, those feelings of being upset morph into gratitude and hope.

You’re a model, activist, and curator for Art Hoe Collective – a community organization founded by and for queer artists of color. How do modeling, activism, and the arts intersect in your life?

I think all these are a visual language that people can easily understand. Oftentimes it’s hard to understand what’s going on in the world, but when we use visual languages like modeling and art to spread activism, people are more receptive; they become more empathetic, and do better for themselves and others. It’s a language everyone can speak through which I can utilize my activism.

You recently founded Brown Girl Butterfly Project. Tell us about it! 

Our aim is to provide tools and instill therapeutic practices within the Black femme community outside of actual therapy, and give those who are heavily affected by current events a moment of reprieve from the collective grief we are all experiencing.

What keeps you feeling hopeful, and what motivates your activism? 

I think about my community and how we are all banding together to build a better future for ourselves and the younger generation. We’re taking matters into our own hands.

Any closing words you wish to share in these uncertain times? 

Just be kind and vote!