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How to Wear AW20 with Mi-Anne Chan

Between SS20 and AW20, we asked friends of the brand some questions including how they plan to wear our picks for summer like the Oh Yeah Slide and CA805 Zip Sneaker. Based in Brooklyn by way of the Bay Area, meet Mi-Anne Chan. She’s a makeup guru, Video Director at Condè Nast, and former Beauty Editor and host of Refinery29’s popular Youtube series, Beauty with Mi. For more from Mi-Anne, follow her here.


How are you adjusting to this new normal?  

Riding the rollercoaster of emotions one day at a time! Won’t lie and say it’s been easy – some days I feel great and others I feel stuck. Some nights I’ll look up and realize I’ve spent the past three hours sucked into my phone. It doesn’t feel great, so I’ve been trying to take on projects to keep myself busy and my mind clear. I’m reading a ton and doing a lot of easy home improvements. I recently painted my old TV stand light blue. I was getting sick of it, so I planned on buying a new one, but now I don’t have to! 

How are you taking care of yourself?  

I’m having a hard time feeling motivated, so I’m trying to introduce routines into my daily life that force mindfulness – whether that’s going on a walk without my phone or spending an hour or two making lasagna. 

Living in Brooklyn, what are your everyday essentials?  

In all honesty, a rolling grocery bag. It gives me flashbacks to my middle school rolling backpack days (I had that backpack everybody kicked lol), but it’s so useful here in Brooklyn. Who wants to schlep a 16-pound watermelon? Not I! 

How has your style changed since quarantine?  

I’ve always been a “comfort above all else” kind of person, so apart from nixing any pair of shoes that isn’t a sneaker or sandal, the essence of my style has pretty much stayed the same. I still love bold colorsslouchy fit, and a comfy pair of athletic shorts. 


What does your style say about you?  

It definitely reflects what I’m feeling on the inside. Waking up and not being able to throw on 049384594 different colors and patterns would make mornings a very sad time for me. 

Describe UGG in three words.   

Fuzzy, fun, and above all else, COMFY! 

Share your first or favorite memory wearing UGG.   

Stealing my mom’s UGG boots early in the morning before zero-period PE in high school.

What styles of ours do you plan to wear this summer, and how do you plan to wear them?  

The CA805 Zip Sneaker and the Oh Yeah Slide in Sulfur! I love neon/slime green. So fun and fluffy. I love wearing them with slouchy jeans so they peek out from under the hem just-so.