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How to Wear AW20 with Stephanie Arant

Between SS20 and AW20, we asked friends of the brand some questions including how they plan to wear our picks for summer like the Disco Slide and CA805 Zip Sneaker. Based in Orange County, meet Stephanie Arant. She’s a style, fashion, and travel blogger known for her popular blog, Unconscious Style. For more from Stephanie, follow her here.


How are you adjusting to this new normal?   

At first, I struggled adjusting to the new normal. I prided myself on staying overly busy with meetings, photoshoots, emails, etc. I realized during this time, however, that while those things are important, it’s even more important to take time for yourself and appreciate the things around you like family and friends. 

How are you taking care of yourself?   

I’ve been focusing on cooking, exercising, and reading during quarantine. When the world seems to be going a million miles an hourthere are so many reasons I give myself about why I can’t accomplish these things. I’ve taken this time to get back into the habit of including these activities in my life. 

Living in Orange County, what are your everyday essentials?   

Life in Orange County is fairly laid back, so the everyday essentials usually include reusable tote bags and reusable water bottles. I also always have a beach towel on hand. More recently, masks and hand sanitizer as well. 

How has your style changed since quarantine?   

I began blogging because of my love for fashion. Friends and family would joke that I was always ‘dressed up’ even when it wasn’t necessary. My style has become a lot more comfortable during quarantine, and I’ve found a new passion for workout clothes seeing as I was not really working out much prior. 


What does your style say about you?   

My style has always been a representation of my mood. I love trying new things and seeing how I can style something to suit myself. My style is based on how I feel. Sometimes it’s edgy, other times more feminine, and others just comfy. 

Describe UGG in three words.   

Nostalgic comfort reimagined. 

Share your first or favorite memory wearing UGG.   

My first experience wearing UGG shoes was in high school. A few of my friends had pairs, and I remember wearing them around a friends house when the temperature dropped. I didn’t want to take them off because they felt so cozy! 

What styles of ours do you plan to wear this summer, and how do you plan to wear them?  

The Disco Slide is my favorite. They are extremely lightweightand I can envision wearing them with trousers and a strappy crop top for a chic look.