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How to Wear Classic Femme With Vivid Wu – This is UGG

This season, we interviewed some of Instagram’s most fashionable influencers about style, their wardrobe must-haves, and how they plan to wear our Classic Femme Collection. Meet Vivid Wu.  


How would you describe your style? 

Interesting, because it’s not just one thing. My looks can go from being feminine, colorful, and vintage-inspired to practical, casual, and downright chic. While my wardrobe is full of versatility, every single piece lets my personality shine through. After all, what you wear should be an extension of who you are, even if that changes on a regular basis.

What does your style say about you? 

Born and raised in Canton, China, I first moved to Singapore, and then the United States, which has helped me develop my personal style with an open mind. I have experimented with most key styles, and while I definitely follow trends, I generally lean towards more casual and minimalist outfits, and won’t buy into a trend that doesn’t compliment my existing wardrobe. I love accessories, and spend more on bags and shoes than anything else in my wardrobe. My jewelry choices reflect this minimal approach too, either making a statement with a single accessory or balancing a number of more subtle pieces.

How do you express your individuality? 

Being original, being authentic, being myself, and standing in my own truth—that is true power. My style reflects who I am. It is very personal and unique to me. It is the way I dress that makes me happy, confident, and beautiful. Small details and accessories help me express my individuality as well.

Whose style inspires you?

Definitely not one specific person. First and foremost, I go to the women I call friends in real life and on Instagram. Secondly, I’m lucky to have worked with so many amazing brands and designers around the globe, and I get inspiration from all of them. In a nutshell, I can simply be inspired by anywhere I go, anything I see, and anyone I talk with.

Living in San Francisco, what are you wardrobe must-haves? 

Sweaters, jackets, jeans, flats, and boots.

How has San Francisco influenced how you dress? 

The first thing that sets San Francisco apart is the weather. The temperature has much more variation throughout the day. There’s no way I’d just wear a mini-dress or shorts and a tee. Instead, layering is key, and having a sweater or jacket handy makes all the difference. I’ve been living here for two years, and I finally think I’ve mastered my NorCal layering style.

Share your first or favorite memory wearing UGG. 

Right before I left for college, my mom bought me my first pair of UGG boots. They were my favorite shoes, and got me through a lot of ups and downs during school.

What’s your favorite silhouette from our Classic Femme Collection, and why? 

The Classic Femme Mini Boot. It’s perfect when I want to add an inch or two while still looking stylish. No more worrying about looking short when dressing up casually. Thanks to the wedge platform, I can walk comfortably, stand tall in confidence, and flash my modish, petite fashion.

How do you plan to wear it this season? 

I will wear it everywhere I go, from meetings and appointments to dinner dates and weekend getaways. I’d also like to dress it up or down, and pair with fuzzy socks. They’ll become the backbone of my cold-weather wardrobe, subtly supporting my statement coats and punchy knits.

Describe Classic Femme in three words. 

Practical, cozy, and edgy.