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How to Wear Classic Femme with Sami Miro – This is UGG

This season, we interviewed some of Instagram’s most fashionable influencers about style, their wardrobe must-haves, and how they plan to wear our Classic Femme Collection. Meet Sami Miro


How would you describe your style? 

My style is made up of juxtapositions. Masculine with a touch of sexy, structured with a hint of playfulness, and casual mixed with dressy.

What does your style say about you? 

My style screams individuality and always involves repurposing vintage.

How do you express your individuality? 

By turning menswear into womenswear.

Whose style inspires you? 

My father.

Living in Los Angeles, what are your wardrobe must-haves? 

Vintage denim, vintage mules, and vintage hoodies.

How has Los Angeles influenced how you dress? 

It hasn’t! I always wear what I want no matter my environment.

Share your first or favorite memory wearing UGG. 

I’ll never forget my first pair of UGG boots. I was a freshman in high school and I begged my father for pink UGG boots for Hanukkah. They were the only thing I had my heart set on. I still have them today!

What’s your favorite silhouette from our Classic Femme Collection, and why? 

Definitely the Classic Femme Mini Boot because its so adorable and I love the extra height the wedge adds!

How do you plan to wear it this season? 

Honestly with anything. Biker shorts, jeans, a dress and knee high socks. Options are endless.

Describe Classic Femme in three words. 

Timeless, chic, and bossy.