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Mastering the Indoor-Outdoor Slipper Look – This is UGG

The California lifestyle is all about seamlessly moving from day to night, or inside to out, if you will. Our latest spring slipper designs encourage you to do just that. Meet the new kids on the block: the Hailey and Lane slippers. Crafted with slimmer sheepskin than our regular slippers, these comfy, cozy, and easy to slip-on beauties are quickly making their way to be a staple in our closet for the coming months.

For that “je ne sais quoi” indoor look, grab a t-shirt dress and an oversized heather grey robe to pair with the Hailey in Suntan. If you find yourself with an impromptu visitor, you’ll still look put together enough to answer the door, and if you must head out, grab a pair of jeans and call your outfit done.

This spill-seam look on these mule slippers pair perfectly with an uneven or frayed hem denim. Throw on a chunky sweater and be prepared to again, lounge outside or in. And we know what you’re thinking, “But are you sure you can take these outside? What about the outsole?!” Featuring a molded rubber outsole with sturdy pods, the Hailey and the Lane are great for taking a stroll out on the town.

Master the dressed-down elegance of the California lifestyle and shop the Hailey and Lane slippers here.

Photos by Jenavieve Belair.