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New Darlings Off Duty

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Robert and Christina, better known as New Darlings, are lucky to have found each other. Partners in life, business, and crime, these two have painted the picture of success. Of course that just begs the question, “How do they do it?” Well it turns out even the greatest lifestyle gurus need a little time off…

Robert: We are definitely the type of couple who likes spending time together. When we started dating back in 2004, we just clicked. We shared so many common interests and goals and always hoped that someday we’d be able to work side by side doing something that we both love to do.

Christina: Yeah, it felt more like a pipe dream at the time, something we would lay in bed at night and fantasize about, but here we are years later doing something we both love, together. It’s definitely something special to be able to work together and bounce ideas off one another, but it can also sometimes be difficult to turn off that work mentality, the business partner role, and just be together as a married couple.

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Robert: Since we made the transition to doing freelance photography and marketing full-time, we’ve definitely been more conscious of how we spend our “off-duty” and personal days together.

Christina: Yeah, with photography, everything is fair game, so sometimes we have shooting days where things are very regimented with a clear and strict schedule, and other days we’re photographing the normal day to day around our home or neighborhood. So carving out those special moments just for us is important.

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Robert: Making a weekly habit of exercising together or going to a local coffee shop is something we always look forward to and find to be a retreat. We always laugh about it, like we’re playing hooky.

Christina: It’s so ridiculous! Exercising has been a great stress reliever after long days, and we like to battle each other on the treadmill. Rob always outruns me, but the challenge of the race is too fun.

Robert: When our competitive spirit isn’t getting the best of us, we escape to Futuro Coffee. It’s a great little coffee shop that just opened pretty close to us in Phoenix. It’s joined with Palabra Collective, which is a hair salon and gallery space all in one. It’s a one-stop shop of sorts.

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Christina: Our friend Jorge owns the place and put such thought and care into every little detail. It’s super minimal and bright with amazing natural light that pours in. We just kick back and relax with a mocha and tonico, chat, and people watch.

Robert: What’s nice is that they also feature local artists each month and do an opening ceremony party. It’s a fun way to get together with everyone in the community and share in local talent.

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Christina: Down the street is Revolver Records. After fueling up on caffeine, we usually stop in to see what we can find. They have $1 bins, which you kind of have to dig through, but the hunt can be fun, and we usually leave with something good and totally unexpected.

Robert: Yeah, one afternoon we stopped in, not looking for anything in particular, and we found Stan Getz’s Getz/Gilberto album. We were so excited. It was the album we listened to the night we got engaged. It was pretty difficult to come by on vinyl, and there it was for $3.99!

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Christina: That totally made our day! When really thinking about it, I feel like that perfectly sums up our free time together: coffee dates, getting together with friends, going for a walk or run, and a lot of music. It’s nothing fancy or over the top but a bunch of special little moments and happenings that make up a bunch of good days

Robert: And those are usually the ones we look back on the most fondly.

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