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Sustainability and Style – This is UGG

In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to offer a little insight into what we’re doing to curb our environmental impact and build a sustainable business. We know that what we do affects the planet. But we also know that reducing our footprint is in everyone’s best interest, including ours.

So let’s start with our headquarters. We built our new offices a few years ago with the environment in mind. During construction we managed to divert a majority of the debris—over 23,500 pounds—from landfills. We also sourced local materials whenever possible. Low-flow plumbing fixtures have reduced our water use by over 35% while drought tolerant plants and an efficient drip irrigation system have reduced our landscaping demands by as much as 61%.



The majority of our environmental impact, however, stems from our supply chain and the materials we use. We rely on tanneries for our leather and sheepskin, and tanneries require water, energy, and chemicals to process their raw materials. If the tanning process is not properly managed, it can result in unnecessary pollution. This is why we established our Restricted Substances policy and joined the Leather Working Group. This industry group that facilitates audits of tanneries and offers certification based on their environmental performance. Now 98% of our leather comes LWG certified tanneries.


Even with all of our sustainability initiatives—and there are many in addition to those above—we are always looking for ways to improve, whether that means alternative commutes, biodegradable packaging, or simply using less paper. Our primary goal is to do as much as we can with as few resources as possible because we’re in this for the long run.


Learn more about our sustainability efforts here.