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The Beach Moc – This is UGG

“A reinvention of the boat shoe, our Beach Moc is the softest shoe out there and the more you machine wash it, the softer it will get.” ­– Enrique Corbi, Head of Men’s Design

We wouldn’t be UGG without California, and it wouldn’t be California without the beach, so we reimagined East Coast boat shoes with our West Coast twist. Unlike the traditional boat shoe, which is tough and rigid, our Beach Moc is soft and flexible. Instead of stiff rubber soles that are hard and heavy, our Beach Moc features Treadlite by UGG™ outsoles that are lightweight and responsive. Plus, it’s machine washable and gets better with age, so if you wear it and wash it for six months, it will feel like a shoe that’s been hand-made for you.

Available in sizes for men and kids alike, our Beach Moc slip-on is designed to move with you, adding nautical style to your warm-weather looks. A takedown of our Men’s Beach Moc slip-on, the kid-friendly suede version is tailored to tiny feet for all-day cushioning and support. Crafted from rich full-grain leather, our Beach Moc chukka is ultra-versatile, offering all the same innovative benefits as the slip-on in an ankle-high silhouette.

California-casual or semi-formal depending on your mood, you can pair any of these silhouettes with shorts and a tank, or light wash denim from head to toe.

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