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Working with UGG since its 40th Anniversary in AW18, Luka Sabbat is an actor and creative entrepreneur exploring the worlds of art, fashion, and entertainment. He’s Gen Z’s ‘It Boy’ thanks to his disruptive style, unique look, and trendsetting social media influence, which he leveraged into a blossoming career in TV and film. Luka inherited his artistic spirit from father Clark Sabbat, a designer and creative consultant.


Luka, describe yourself in three words. 

Thinking all the time. It’s four words.

You leveraged your social media influence into a successful modeling and acting career. How did you do this, and what sets you apart from your peers? 

Just minding my own business, doing what I do. I didn’t mean to do any of this, so I was just doing it and people caught on. I don’t know, people like my personality based on what they see on the internet.

How has your family shaped your creative interests? 

My parents are both creatives. Quite free-spirited and always trusted that whatever I do, whatever I did, would be the right thing to do. And all my creative decisions were supported.

Describe Clark in three words. 

Best damn Dad.

How does your father support, challenge, and inspire you as an individual? 

I’m just a product of him so we are more or less the same person, but then he’ll ask me the stuff I wouldn’t ask myself and looks out for my best interests. Sometimes you think for yourself too much in a two-dimensional way. I don’t even know how to say it, but he’ll ask the questions I wouldn’t think of asking myself.

What in Clark do you see in yourself? 

Just look.

How does Clark bring out the best in you? 

He’s my dad.

What does your style say about you, and what does Clark’s say about him? 

My style just says that I like looking good but care about comfort. I stick to the same silhouettes. My Dad’s style says that he’s grown and serious, but not too serious.

What does #UGGLIFE mean to you? 

That sounds like comfort. Just sounds like cozy. I think it just means be comfortable. Just walk around in your UGG boots, who cares. Just chill out.

What’s your favorite silhouette from our Classic Revolution Collection, and how do you plan to wear it this season? 

It isn’t in the collection, but I like the Tasman Slip-On. With pants.

Clark, describe yourself in three words.

Creative, resourceful, and spiritual.

What sparked your interest in fashion, and why do you think you became a designer? 

I was interested in architecture but realized it takes a long time to see a design come to life. While I was in the drafting program in high school, I taught myself fashion drawing and was accepted to Parsons School of Design in New York. My main inspiration was my mother. We didn’t have much but the little we had was always the best. She taught me about quality and how to put things together in a way that makes sense.

You’ve used your medium to educate consumers on social issues worth their attention. Can you speak to how fashion can impact change and influence culture at large? 

Fashion can use its voice to talk about inclusion, fair wages, tolerance, sustainability, etc. There are so many issues where people in fashion can use their platform to affect change. Fashion has the power to influence because it creates the world that people want to be a part of. Fashion in the 21st century celebrates what makes us different.

Describe Luka in three words. 

Loving, kind, and generous.

How does your son support, challenge, and inspire you as an individual? 

Everything I taught him growing up he’s retaught me. Often those that give advice don’t take their own advice. He has reminded me of who I am and how to let me be me.

What in Luka do you see in yourself? 

His laugh, his stubbornness, his sense of doing something until it is perfect, and his curiosity.

How does Luka bring out the best in you? 

He pushes me because he knows we can always do better.

What does your style say about you, and what does Luka’s say about him? 

My style is timeless, elegant, and chic. I don’t dress according to trends. Style for me is about allowing yourself to evolve. It’s taking risks. I think that is what we have in common, and the way we dress speaks for itself, but we obviously do it differently.

What does #UGGLIFE mean to you? 

Comfort and warmth.

What’s your favorite silhouette from our Classic Revolution Collection, and how do you plan to wear it this season? 

The Neumel Boot. I will be rocking it with my favorite pair of jeans along with my tailored coats.