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Working with UGG since AW18, Sasha Lane is an actress and model known for her starring role in Andrea Arnold’s American Honey. Since her on-screen debut, she’s continued to make bold and unapologetic choices that defy convention, reflect her renegade spirit, and challenge outdated notions of beauty. Her brother Sergio Lane is a Los Angeles-based artist behind Slane Clothing, a unisex fashion brand that promotes positive self-image and inclusivity.


Sasha, describe yourself in three words. 

Indecisive, stubborn, and empathetic.

As a young actress, how have you processed your rapid success and the influence that comes with it? 

I’ve processed it like I would anything else, slowly and from all angles. Occasionally panicking while some days seeing the  blessing and purpose of it all. The influence that comes with it will always be something that needs to be processed.

How do you express yourself when no one is looking, and have you always felt comfortable in our own skin? 

Like a loose balloon that changes colors. I haven’t always been this comfortable but I’ve always had moments of no one looking, so there’s that.

Describe Sergio in three words. 

Orange, caring, and determined.

How does your brother support, challenge, and inspire you as an individual? 

He does all of those things by being my #1. He loves me and shows it everyday by reminding me of what I can do, who I am, telling me it’s okay when I don’t want to be anything other than a blob, and fueling me when I want to fly.

What in Sergio do you see in yourself? 


How does Sergio bring out the best in you? 

He loves me whole and love is the best incubator for greatness.


What does #UGGLIFE mean to you? 

#UGGLIFE to me means ever-evolving, ease, and togetherness, and the comfort of all of those things.

What’s your favorite silhouette from our Classic Revolution Collection, and how do you plan to wear it this season? 

The Harkland Boot in Black.

Sergio, describe yourself in three words. 

I would describe myself as intuitive, optimistic, and warm.

When do you feel the most comfortable being yourself, and why? 

I feel the most comfortable being myself when I am around my family and friends. They allow me to be the most outrageous version of myself. My lame jokes and all!

Does people’s opinion of you influence how you dress or present yourself? 

People’s opinions used to influence me as I was growing up in Texas. I caught myself always trying to blend in with the kids at school. It wasn’t until I began high school and came out that my colors and creativity followed.

Describe Sasha in three words. 

I would describe Sasha as self-aware, analytical, and passionate.

How does your sister support, challenge, and inspire you as an individual? 

My sister is one of the people I look up to most! Even though she is younger, Sasha pushes me to question my reasoning for accomplishing anything I put my mind to. I call her whenever I need help making a decision. Her support is always there.

What in Sasha do you see in yourself? 

I would say that we are both very expressive. We both use fashion to express how we feel or want to feel.

How does Sasha bring out the best in you? 

Sasha is always there to be my hype! I can always count on her to make me feel amazing about myself and the purpose I hold.

What does your style say about you, and what does Sasha’s say about her? 

I think my style describes me as a bright and confident being. I am always adding pops of color to all of my attire because it makes me happy. Sasha’s style speaks the same but with a bit of a chiller vibe. Her staple is sweats with an oversized shirt and cool shoes and/or backpack.

What does #UGGLIFE mean to you? 

For me, #UGGLIFE means no matter the occasion, feeling okay to express and be yourself.

What’s your favorite silhouette from our Classic Revolution Collection, and how do you plan to wear it this season? 

My favorite would have to be the Classic Boom Buckle Boot. I love the added height. It will go great with my jeans and a funky open button-up, my favorite.