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Working with UGG since SS19, Slick Woods is a widely sought-after model known for her unconventional look, liberated sense of style, and bold personality. Beyond her rebellious spirit and unapologetic confidence, the Los Angeles native is a mother pushing to create a better world for her son’s generation.

Slick, describe yourself in three words.

Unapologetic, assertive, and care-free.

As a young model, how have you navigated the industry’s competitive landscape while maintaining your individuality, and why do you think the industry continues to embrace you the way it has?

I don’t compete with anyone. I think people like me because I’m myself at all times.

Do you consider yourself a role model, and do you welcome the responsibilities that come with influence?

No, because being a role model requires people to look up to you instead of at you. If someone is looking up to me, I’d have to look down on them, and I’m not about that. Honestly, I don’t think I even consider the responsibility because fame kind of just happened for me. I don’t even like to call people “fans” because I think it’d be rude. I try to just live, and if I inspire some people, then that’s great!

What’s surprised you most about motherhood?

I think the most surprising thing is really understanding that even babies have their own personalities. My son teaches me something new about people everyday.

Describe your son in three words.

Saphir is an independent, hilarious, and sweet child. He’s so damn sweet.

How does your son support, challenge, and inspire you as an individual?

My son just loves me unconditionally and that inspires me. Knowing that there’s this little person who will always be on my side regardless. His face lights up when he sees me. He looks at me like no one else and it just warms my heart.

What qualities in yourself do you want your son to have?

He is already everything I am and everything I’m not. I don’t want anything more from him aside from him growing up to be a good, genuine man.

How does your son bring out the best in you?

All my best qualities are due to my son.

What does #UGGLIFE mean to you?

#UGGLIFE is about representation across generations.

What’s your favorite silhouette from our Classic Revolution Collection, and how do you plan to wear it this season?

It isn’t in the collection, but I like that combat-looking Dune Slide. Yeah, those are dope!