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What’s New with Salem Mitchell

Discovered by Los Angeles’ Ford Models through her Instagram account, Salem Mitchell is an emerging model, influencer, and activist from San Diego – unmistaken for her signature freckles, sunny smile, and cool-girl style. When she isn’t modeling, she’s growing her following by initiating timely conversations around fashion, beauty, and sustainability. Wearing the Disco Slide in White, meet Salem Mitchell.


Describe a day in the life of Salem Mitchell. 

I start the day with my skincare routine, then I make some sort of fun breakfast because I love to cook. If I’m not working, I usually spend the first few hours of the day on my computer  catching up on emails and working on special projects. Midday I exercise and after that, my day gets a bit more fun. Toward the afternoon, I like to try a new makeup look, listen to music, dance around, read my book, or go outside for a bit. Around the end of the day, I make dinner. After dinner, I like to relax on the couch and watch my favorite TV shows like The Office or just YouTube videos until it’s time for bed.

Both you and UGG share California roots. What are some of your favorite things about California? 

My favorite things about California are the weather and its beaches. I’m originally from San Diego, so I grew up with perfect weather year-round and beautiful beaches. Another amazing thing I love about California is how big it is and how much you can see within one state. There are all sorts of beautiful road trip destinations and national parks to visit.

As a young model, you have openly advocated for making the fashion industry more sustainable. What steps would you like to see brands like ours taking? 

Brands can be more sustainable by simply changing the way they ship and package products, and by practicing zero-waste and being green. They can either donate or rework surplus product as opposed to burning it into the air, or start small in-house by giving every employee a reusable water bottle to help reduce the amount of single use plastic within their day-to-day work.


What does your style say about you? 

My style says I’m cute, comfortable, young, and fun!

Share your first or favorite memory wearing UGG.

I think wearing the Disco Slide is my new favorite memory with UGG. Prior to this, my favorite was wearing them back in middle school. Everyone in the 7th grade would wear the Classic Boot to school because it’s so cute/comfy even though we went to school in sunny San Diego and it was always hot, haha. I think what I prefer about wearing them now is I finally have developed a stronger sense of personal style, and I really know how to make them my own as opposed to just following trends.

Describe UGG in three words. 

Cozy, comforting, and fun.

You were recently seen wearing our newest style, the Disco Slide. Tell us what you like most about your pair, and how you plan to wear it this summer.

What I like most about my pair is how they bring a summer edge to such a classic shoe. It’s a way to bridge the gap between summer and warm, cozy boots. I’ll definitely be pairing them with a lot of shorts and skirts. I think these slides really spruce up a simple look and bring nice attention to the legs.

Any plans this summer? 

This summer, I’d love to do a small and safe road trip. It’s a bit hard to make concrete plans due to Covid-19, and I’m totally okay with that because I think its important to sacrifice little plans to help keep everyone safe. I’d say I can confirm I will be spending some time at the beach, the park, and looking for different outdoor views to enjoy with my boyfriend or just my books.