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“It was a creative and exciting experience to be the UGG brand’s muse for Nordstrom’s opening in my hometown of New York. I’ve been a fan of UGG for years, so putting my spin on these exclusive styles is something I’ll always remember. The UGG brand has integrity.” – Patricia Field

To celebrate the opening of Nordstrom in New York City this October, we partnered with fashion icon and costume designer Patricia Field to reimagine two of our Classics. Called Perfect Pairs, Nordstrom partnered with fourteen footwear brands and their chosen muses to design exclusive silhouettes sold only at Nordstrom’s flagship opening in New York City, as well as online. We worked with Patricia in 2003 when we made a custom Classic Short Boot in Ruby Red that Sarah Jessica Parker wore as Carrie Bradshaw on HBO’s Sex and the City.


Patricia, what brought you to New York? 

I was born and bred in Manhattan.

What is your favorite part of living in New York? 

The mix of people and cultures. Walking down any street and hearing many languages spoken!

What is your favorite place in New York? 

I have too many favorite places in NYC to count – including downtown, the East Side of Manhattan, Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, Astoria, and Queens for the Greek experience.

How would you describe your style? 

I would describe my style as original and unexpected, with a classic baseline.

What’s the best style or life advice you have ever received or would give? 

Received: Pay your bills.

Give: Learn who you are and present yourself accordingly with confidence in your convictions.

Share your first or favorite memory wearing UGG. 

My first memory of UGG was my first pair of UGG boots a long time ago. I remember hearing about the brand, that all the surfer kids in California wore them, so I got a pair of the Classic Short Boots. I loved them! I never had such a comfortable shoe in my life, and warm. Now that we’re doing something creative together, I couldn’t think of a more perfect partnership.

Describe the collaboration process with UGG. 

I would describe my brand partnership with UGG as the perfect marriage between functional and fashionable.

Where did you draw inspiration from for the UGG boots you helped design? 

When I saw the silhouettes I would be putting my spin on, I really liked them. I wasn’t expecting such a perfect over-the-knee boot. I just added a little ankle bracelet around both boots to give a little pop.

How would you style or wear these shoes? 

The beauty of these styles is that they are Classics with a twist.

What do you imagine yourself or others doing in these shoes? 

In the boots, I feel cozy, classic, and stylish.