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UGGlife Surf Series: Trevor & Maddie Gordon – This is UGG

Our Classic boot was born on the beaches of Southern California and has always been worn by surfers to keep warm after early-morning sessions. To celebrate our bold, sun-drenched beginnings, we’re profiling creatives who live and surf in California, embody its free spirit, and create beautiful things.

Semi-nomadic couple Trevor and Maddie Gordon live between their 36-foot sailboat in the Santa Barbara Harbor and their camper truck, which they take up to the mountains and on winding road trips up the coast. Trevor is a surfer and photographer who works mostly in film and shoots wherever the duo’s adventures take them, while Maddie is an illustrator inspired by California and her home country of England. Both creatives and lovers of the water, they make do with tiny spaces because their lifestyle allows them to keep moving. In 2017, they even published a photography book about living and cooking in small homes called “The Tiny Mess.”

We headed up to the mountains and out on the water with Trevor and Maddie, then sat down to ask them about their lifestyle, creative projects, and California. Watch their full video below.

How did the two of you meet?

Maddie: We met on Flickr! The first Instagram.

What are your stories of getting started as surfers? As artists?

Trevor: I learned to surf when I was six or seven, just up the road from where we live now, at Leadbetter Point. I remember endless hours womping around there riding waves up onto the sand. I started to get more seriously into surfing in junior high and began to travel around a bit, competing up and down the coast. I never really enjoyed the competitive side and much preferred traveling before and after contests. I soon fell in love with traveling to remote and often un-surfed destinations.

You live a semi-nomadic life between your camper truck and sailboat. Tell us a bit about your day-to-day. How does it contribute to your creative life and projects?

Trevor: I definitely don’t have any day-to-day rituals. I feel like it’s more seasonal. The winter is spent surfing and taking the truck up into the mountains to snowboard. The summers and falls are spent sailing the coast, fishing, and enjoying the sea. This lifestyle is something we are passionate about and I think that transfers over into projects, be it film, photo, or art. We try to base everything around the way we live.

Tell us a bit about your new book together, The Tiny Mess.

Trevor: The cookbook spawned from Maddie and our good friend Mary Gonzalez, who are wizards when it comes to cooking in small places. We found the whole movement of people living small and cooking well fascinating. I have always loved photography and when it came to this project I went full bore, shooting in film and designing the book once we’d finished. It turned into such a passion project for the three of us. We met some amazing people. It was such a blast.

Who (or what) influences and inspires you?

Trevor: The thought of seeing new places and cultures, meeting new people, and eating incredible food… Surfing and sailing to those places is what inspires me.

Maddie: British culture inspires me now that I live here, which is weird. When I lived in England, California culture propelled me and kick-started a passion for art and illustration. I think I’m drawn to British culture because I get a bit homesick, but finding balance between the two is the best thing I can do for my art!

What does California mean to you?

Trevor: California means diversity. It has everything – deserts, massive mountains, cities, all types of surf, forests. It’s the only place I can think of in the world that has all of that.

Maddie: California is a place I moved and did a lot of growing up. For me, it represents leaving the safety and security of what I was familiar with and setting new roots in new places with new people. I’m proud of the younger me and how much growing up she did, and California will always fill me with that pride of journey and discovery. Now California is my safe and secure place.

What’s your first memory of wearing UGG? How did it feel?

Maddie: Like my feet were getting a hug. I also love that my UGG boots are relatively loose and I can slip damp, post-surf feet into them without struggling.

Trevor: The no-zip hoodie, board shorts, and UGG boots were definitely the California teen uniform. I wore that outfit non-stop in the summer months. I remember growing out of my UGG boots each year and my big toe popping out the front.

Images and video by Morgan Maassen.

See more of Trevor and Maddie Gordon’s book “The Tiny Mess” here.