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What’s up with athletic slides? – This is UGG

Athletic slides are making a comeback this year, especially the socks-and-slides look everyone loves to hate. Though it might remind you of soccer camp or gym locker rooms, this trend has actually been spotted on runways and rappers alike this season. It’s cool now, we swear.

As for the slides, you’ve probably seen them all over the street already. Our Xavier slides have the same modern athletic feel as the rest, but are made with HyperWeave, a super-breathable cotton that fits like a glove and moves with you easily. It’s made for everything from post-gym to weekends at the pool, and won’t overheat or slip off while you walk.

The Xavier also features a super-light sole, so you’ll barely feel like you have them on. This might not seem important, until you slip on another slide that’s so heavy it drags as you walk. These won’t. They’re contoured to your foot and flexible, so you can walk in them all day if you want.

With four different colors – sleek black, bright red, soft grey, and neutral tan – they fit into any wardrobe. The all-black Xavier is perfect for minimalists, while the red adds a bit of contrast to an everyday shorts-and-a-tee look.

Pair with joggers for lounging around the house or heading to the gym. Pair with swim trunks and a tee for summer barbecues or beach days. Pair with socks if you want to embrace all that is 2018.