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What’s With Millennial Pink? – This is UGG

Millennial pink: it’s everywhere, from runways to our Instagram feeds and fashion choices. But we have to admit we’re not sick of it yet (and you probably aren’t either). Society at large is in a pink mood right now, and it all began with artists and designers whose work caught the eye of millennial trendsetters, hence its name. Bold and soothing at the same time, this new wave of pink has made a color once condemned to ‘girlyness’ cool again.

But even as we added blush-pink slippers and jackets to our wardrobes, we were a bit baffled by the trend’s roots. To start, nobody can agree on exactly what shade millennial pink is. Some say it’s classic bubblegum pink, others a light peach bordering on salmon, and still others a brighter coral color. We like to think of it as more of a dusty rose. Either way, we know it when we see it. And millennial pink’s reign is not fading anytime soon, so we wanted to take a look at its arrival on the scene and how to add it into your wardrobe.

First, a brief history. We all know and love Acne Studios’ iconic pink shopping bag, which they launched in 2012. And in 2014, a slew of Scandinavian designers embraced pale pink, which became known as “Scandi Pink” on the internet. In March of that year, the acclaimed Wes Anderson movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel” featured a confection-pink hotel perched on a mountaintop in the Alps. Then every millennial’s favorite beauty brand, Glossier, launched over Instagram in October 2014 with an aesthetic dominated by #glossierpink – which is, in essence, millennial pink.

So, by 2015, we were already diving headfirst into pink when Drake released his hit album “Hotline Bling.” The cover featured a light pink background with white text, and we were all singing and dancing to it for months. In October of that same year, Apple released their iPhone 6s in rose gold, and everyone from your coworker to your mom began clutching a pink phone. The color’s popularity only grew from there: Gucci put it on handbags and even now, in 2017, we see millennial pink popping up on almost every runway from Rodarte’s gauzy dresses to Chanel’s tweed suits.

So how should you style your new millennial pink wardrobe? We like to tuck a rose-colored (and velvet!) top into blue jeans and channel some golden California vibes. Layer under a suede moto jacket and pair with our matching blush-pink slippers decorated with fuzzy pom poms, which you can wear both indoors and out.

Since it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we say it’s the perfect time to incorporate subtle touches of mellow pink throughout your outfits every day. A soft pink jacket is always a nice touch, paired with dusk-colored sheepskin boots and a turtleneck. Or incorporate dresses and knits in a range of pastels and neutrals, paired with pink statement shoes. We always recommend pom poms too.