Eckhaus Latta + UGG logo, and image of four models legs in their runway outfits and collab shoes.

With clothing that enhances individuality, plus inventive collaborations in visual art, performance, and video, bicoastal fashion label Eckhaus Latta is invigorating American fashion. Joining UGG for a second collection, they reimagine our designs for spring-summer through a unique art school lens. With styles for women and men, the second generation of UGG + Eckhaus Latta keeps the same distinguished square toe, swapping out sheepskin for unlined, spring-ready silhouettes.

Featuring 2000s-inspired platform mules and wood-soled sandals, plus a new selection of sneakers and leather boots, the limited-release collaboration debuted at New York Fashion Week, and is set to release in March.

Explore the Campaign
Runway models in blue outfits wearing collab shoes.
Woman's lower legs, one rasied, wearing open-back collab shoe.
Two models legs featuring collab shoes.
Male model leaning against white wall.
Two female models in blue outfits against white wall.
Male model in blue pants and open-jacket leaning against wall. Image slightly rotated.
Close-up of female model's face.
Close-up of collab shoes.

On the Runway

Female Model in open-toed collab shoe.
Male model walking down the runway.
Female model in dress walking down runway.
Male model in mostly no-shirt walking down runway.
Female model in dark outfit walking down runway.
Female model in light-colored outfit walking down runway.