Our corporate headquarters is a LEED-certified building, implementing focused energy use reductions and the procurement of renewable energy sources. In FY17, we took our energy reduction efforts one step further by initiating the installation of solar panels at our corporate headquarters. We also monitor energy usage at our retail store locations, our distribution centers, and some of our key manufacturing partners to look for opportunity for further reduction efforts.


We are committed to the environment and greenhouse gas reduction. We currently track our energy usage and reduce our energy consumption by offsetting our electricity usage with solar powered energy. When possible, we choose to engage with organizations that uphold this commitment to the environment as well. At the tannery level, the majority of our tanneries are Leather Working Group certified meaning their electricity usage is audited to ensure they are using energy-saving methods where possible. We expect our factory partners to also use reduction measures where possible. As such, we have relaunched our Environmental Criteria Guide to our factory and supplier partners. The guide discusses our expectations in the areas of greenhouse gas, waste, water usage and more. It also provides recommendations on how to minimize our factory/supplier partner’s environmental footprint. Finally, we recognize the opportunity to reduce other significant air emissions. As stated earlier in this report, our Restricted Substances and Ethical Supply Chain teams worked diligently together to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in our products.


Our corporate headquarters location utilizes high-efficiency dual flush water closets, lavatory faucets, low flow kitchen faucets and shower heads which use approximately 35% less water than traditional fixtures. We also use drought tolerant plants and high efficiency drip systems. At the tannery level, the majority of our tanneries are Leather Working Group certified, meaning their water usage is monitored and audited to ensure they are using water-saving methods where possible.


We have waste diversion programs in place that encourage our employees and partners to recycle, compost, and reduce where possible. We track how much material we recycle each year at our corporate headquarters and we monitor our spend to ensure we are purchasing environmentally friendly materials where possible. Our distribution center locations track the amount of cardboard they recycle each year as well as their trash output so that we can continue to make improvements in our overall waste reduction efforts. Our factory partners are encouraged to reduce their environmental footprint by monitoring their greenhouse gas, waste, and water usage. Our hope is that we can lead by example and help our partners take efforts to continue to reduce their impact on the environment.