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Saâdia, a 23-year-old Parisian fashion, travel & lifestyle blogger who shares her moods and favourite things.


#UGGLife with Saâdia

As a brand born on the coast of California, UGG is ready for summer and the festival season to start.

We spoke to fashion influencer Saâdia about what she loves about summer and UGG’s summer sandals collection.

“I love the Joan sandals for their originality. The oversized bow and platform is so different from what we usually see”.

“Summer is my favourite season. I like to see my skin turning golden, my hair getting lighter, and enjoying the long days in the sunshine”.

Summer fashion allows you to express all the different sides of your personality, there is not a one-size-fits-all sandal, so at UGG we have a variety of designs to truly match your personality to your footwear.

“It’s the season where you can wear anything and really play on several styles. One day I’m in the bohemian spirit, wearing a long dress. The next day, cool and urban with denim shorts. It’s really the time of year when I feel free!”

With bright pastel colours inspired by LA in the spring, how would Saâdia style the Joan?

“I see myself wearing them with mom fit jeans and a white t-shirt, for a casual but sharp look”.

It’s clear Saâdia plans to let her footwear do all the talking this summer. Sneak a peak at the Joan sandals, and get creative with your summer style!