“We believe in good business – the kind that helps our community, our environment, and inspires others.”

Our Perspective.

UGG Believes In The Empowerment Of All People, The Preservation Of The Planet, And Crafting Products That are Made to Last.

Our Sustainability Journey.

We joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in 2016, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative with over 9,500 participating companies.

How We Behave.

We believe that people power our product, our purpose, and our planet. That’s why we are focused on UNGC Sustainable Development Goal #10 – Reduced Inequalities. We promote diversity, gender equality, female empowerment, and inclusion for all. We advocate for our employees, our customers, our community, and beyond

What We Make.

Our materials and supply chain are a huge part of our journey to corporate sustainability, which is why we stand behind UNGC Sustainable Development Goal #12 – Responsible Consumption & Production. We are always seeking sustainable alternatives for key materials, and strive to source key materials like leather, cotton, wool, and down from suppliers who are certified by third party benchmarking organizations.

How We Make It.

We strive to reduce our energy consumption and integrate climate change measures into our policies and planning. We measure energy consumption at our corporate HQ, our Moreno Valley distribution center, and most of our retail stores in the United States.

Policies and Principles.

Our policies go beyond simply meeting the minimum requirements necessary to abide by law. They help set expectations for our partners so that we can have successful relationships and be completely transparent with our consumers.