To appeal to the colourful imaginations of kids, we created the UGG Fluff Squad. Inspired by the diversity of california, each CHARACTER represents a different personality. in the collection, you will find girly girls, rocker chicks, goofballs, old souls, young souls, and bohemian spirits. the common thread that holds their unique personas together is their ugg VALUES. they are all free spirited, optimistic, and warm.

Punki shoe
Punki Punki shoe

always asks why.

favourite colour: red and gold

likes: classic rock, watching movies, and sticking it to the man

dislikes: the patriarchy, rules, and bedtime

prefers to be worn with: black leather jackets, white tees, and jeans

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Livv shoe
Livv Livv fluff squad

yes, she wears her sunnies both inside and outside.

favourite colour: pink and silver

likes: bows, glitter, and drex

dislikes: walking. she wants to be rolled around in her sparkly stroller.

prefers to be worn with: floral dresses with pink leggings

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willow shoe
willow willow shoe

she always goes with the flow and her motto is, “don’t worry, be happy.”

favourite colour: all the colours of the rainbow

likes: the beach, road trips, and flower crowns

dislikes: she likes everything

prefers to be worn with: maxi dresses and her heart-shaped sunnies

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staceee shoe
staceee staceee shoe

yes, she dresses herself and it’s staceee with three e’s

favourite colour: light pink and hot pink

likes: her mummy’s lipstick, sparkly accessories, and cotton candy

dislikes: when her mummy makes her eat kale

prefers to be worn with: glittery pink pants, her pink denim jacket, and sparkly sequin tops (with her mummy’s lipstick)

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blinxie shoe
blinxie blinxie shoe

yes, her eyelashes are naturally that long.

favourite colour: pink and lavender

likes: fluffy toys, her glitter binky, and headbands

dislikes: loud noises and nap time

prefers to be worn with: pink or lavender onesies

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zippie shoe
zippie zippie

always zipping around.

favourite colour: blue and green

likes: toy trucks and playing pranks

dislikes: timeouts

prefers to be worn with: knit tees and plaid shorts

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Punki shoe
drex drex shoe

has an answer for everything.

favourite colour: black and gray

likes: reading, art museums, podcasts, and livv

dislikes: recess. he wants to learn.

prefers to be worn with: button-downs and trousers

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drex shoe