Kids’ All-Weather Boots

There’s not much you can do about changes in weather, but you can prepare your kids for it with a good pair of boots. Our Kids’ and Toddlers’ all-weather styles include rain boots and winter boots in classic silhouettes, embellished with pops of color, patent leather, and sheepskin fluff. Built on innovative soles for extra grip, each of our boots is adapted to fit the way children move, so your kids can run and play no matter what the weather. For the rain, our shiny rain boots come in a range of bright hues and patterns for both girls and boys. And for the cold, we have sturdy, waterproof leather and suede boots built with seam-sealed constructions to keep moisture out and sheepskin or wool insoles for warmth. The Ludvig and Evertt are also cold-weather rated for temperatures as low as -20˚C and include a Thinsulate™ lining to trap heat.
Weather Ready