Men’s Accessories

Our Men’s accessories span warm weather and cold, with socks, gloves, hats, and scarves to fit any lifestyle. Each is set apart by our signature soft feel and craftsmanship, and made to last years and years. Cold-weather gloves range from tailored to knit, crafted with soft sheepskin, rich leather, or warm wool. And they’re outfitted with smart palms that work on your smart phone, so you never have to take them off. Hats feature beanie styles cast in wool or cashmere, trappers lined with fur, or baseball caps for summer, while scarves are crafted from wool with fringe and rib knits. To elevate your everyday staples, our crew socks feature breathable stretch cotton knits with stripes, ribs, and slouchy profiles. And replaceable insoles can fit into any of your favorite shoes, lined with soft wool that wicks moisture and warms the foot.

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Eastwood Rib Knit Glove


Tabbed Splice Vent Leather Glove

New Markdown

Tabbed Splice Leather Glove


Knit Glove With Palm Patch


Dalmatian Print Mittens