Dames Raquel

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Model: 1019895
De Raquel met plateauzool combineert architectonische suède bandjes met een zomerse jute sleehak. Suède kwastjes sieren de hiel terwijl het dempende voetbed hem gemakkelijk draagbaar maakt.

  • Suède
  • Suède sierkwastjes
  • Leren voering
  • Inlegzool van PORON® en schuim met voetholteondersteuning
  • Middenzool bekleed met jute
  • Rubberen buitenzool
  • Hakhoogte 8,9 cm
  • Plateauzool van 3,2 cm
  • Door UGG®
  • RN #88276
  • Geïmporteerd

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So comfortable


Thiese look like they would be too high and uncomfortable, but not the case. The angle of the wedge is perfect. Once I slipped my foot into these and felt the footbed and the soft leather around my foot I knew I had to have them. I'm in my early 40's and on my feet all day. Comfortable shoes are a must have and these have filled the requirement. Not to mention they are gorgeous and stylish.


I would definitely buy these shoes again!


I have a hard time with high heels because my feet are sensitive so I decided to give these wedges a try and they are the best! I've bought the black and the tan ones already and I'm ready for the gold ones!!

Detroit, Michigan

I may never buy another brand of summer wedges


I have a pair similar to these and wore them at work all day every day last summer. I was on my feet 6-8 hrs at a time. They were more comfortable than my sneakers.

Madison, Al

Really comfortable


I have a pair and another pair really similar to these. They are both extremely comfortable in the way they sit on the foot. The arch is not too much and makes them fun to wear for long periods of time

Valley Village, CA


5.0 4