Dames Mongolian Pom Pom Cross body Tassen

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Model: 1091829
Maak indruk met je smaak op kledinggebied met deze crossbodytas, een bijzonder praktisch accessoire. Hij is gemaakt van Mongoolse schapenvacht en voorzien van een rits met een kwastje. Hierin kun je met trots je meest essentiële stukken of je romantische outfits vervoeren.
  • Crossbodytas van Mongoolse sheepskin
  • Insteekvak aan de binnenzijde
  • Doorlopende ritssluiting
  • Verstelbare band van 60 cm lang
  • B 13,3 cm x H 13,3 cm x D 6,4 cm
  • Door UGG®
  • RN #88276
  • Geïmporteerd
  • Dit product bevat echte schaaps- of lamswol. De wol kan afkomstig zijn uit Australië, Ierland, het Verenigd Koninkrijk of de Verenigde Staten. De wol is kunstmatig gekleurd en behandeld. Gemaakt in de Verenigde Staten.

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Sheds Incessantly


I bought the Mongolian Pom Pom Bag in the pink color back in December of 2017. It was adorable and I thought I would use it for something but didn't get a chance to use it until this May. When the white one went on sale, I bought it as well. The white version looked slightly scraggly when I received it and the quality of the pile was not nearly as good as the pink Pom Pom bag but it was the last one they had so I kept it. Turns out that both Mongolian Pom Pom bags shed so badly that they are a nuisance to take out into public. I just went to a wedding with 150+ guests and hairs from my Ugg Mongolian Pom Pom bag ended up on literally every guest. They shed so badly that you cannot wear a contrasting color or your entire outfit will be covered in visible hairs from the bag. I learned all of this after I had purchased the black Pom Pom bag last week and now I have three bags from Ugg that are unusable. I am very disappointed in the quality of the hide tanning on these bags and I hope that I can return them.

Flagstaff, Arizona

Fury crossbody






I got this purse as a Christmas gift from my brother and was overjoyed! It looks beautiful in person and adds the right amount of sass and class to almost any outfit!


totally love this bag


used the white one for my winter wedding

Monroe, MI

So fun to carry!


It's so soft and fun to carry plus hold all the essentials for a nite out!

Atlanta, GA


4.2 20