Founded in 1970, Earth Day is an annual event rallying for the preservation of our planet. Ever-more important since its inception, Earth Day is now the largest civic observance in the world, with over one billion people participating each year. The stakes are clear: if global warming continues to increase at its current rate, the planet will experience rising sea levels, increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events, heightened poverty, and thousands of species under threat of extinction.

It’s apparent that the climate crisis demands bold and rapid action – as such, the Earth Day theme for 2021 is “Restore Our Earth.” With time running out to prevent irreversible damage from climate change, UGG understands that we cannot simply protect – we must actively restore the Earth, its ecosystems, and the livelihood of its inhabitants. On our journey towards a more sustainable future, we have committed to restoration across four key areas.


UGG is investing in the regeneration of 200,000 acres of land in 2021, with a goal of 1,000,000 acres within five years. We are establishing a grant program that will provide holistic solutions to promote soil health and biodiversity, with a goal of transitioning the Australian sheepskin industry to regenerative.


It is estimated that 300 million pairs of shoes are thrown away each year; the responsible solution is to buy less, but buy better. UGG has always believed in this approach, which is why our products are made to last. In 2021, we will introduce our first-ever repair program, restoring your favorite shoes to like-new condition.


According to the UN, forest conservation could provide up to 30% of the solution to climate change.

In efforts to protect the world’s remaining endangered and ancient forests, we are committed to sourcing 100% of our wood-based products from responsible forests by partnering with Canopy – an organization dedicated to responsible sourcing, tree planting, stewardship, education, and advocacy.


While we work towards positively impacting our planet, we are aware that change is only possible with a collaborative, transparent approach. To promote transparency in the fashion industry, UGG has joined the Apparel Transparency Pledge – demonstrating our commitment to being open about where our products are made and by who.

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