UGG believes prom is an experience everyone should get to enjoy. For our fifth year, UGG and Pacific Pride Foundation have reimagined the age-old tradition with PROUD Prom – an inclusive event with local LGBTQIA+ and allied youth from Santa Barbara and the coastal communities of California. A celebration of identity and love, this year’s virtual prom included friends of the brand like Jordun Love from FEEL YOU. He is a model, dancer, and LGBTQ+ activist. recently nominated him for “Social Mover of the Year” alongside Naomi Campbell, Emily Ratajkowski, and other notable models.

To extend the story of our campaign, we interviewed him on a range of subjects from identity to style.



I grew up in a space where I was always able to express myself, whether it was my sexuality or creativity. I’ve grown up, and I now identify as queer. My mom raised me to be open-minded to all things possible in this world, and I feel like I’ve had a smooth ride finding who I am and being very comfortable in that.


What I love most about the community is how free and creative we are, and how loving we can be. I feel like everyone is always there for one another, and we’ve created so many safe spaces for each other to express and create. I think the best part about it is how much freedom we offer one another.
My hope for the community is just unity – unifying all different worlds together and understanding that we really help each other make the world go ‘round.



I’ve always understood the value of loving myself because my last name is Love, so my mom made sure that love was the number-one thing preached in our house. Of course, when you’re in high school, you can go through those up and down motions. As a natural teenager, I definitely went through not knowing how to love myself, but as an adult now, I feel like that’s the number-one thing I have to do before I can go out into the world and face anything else.
What I value and love about myself most is just how open I am to whatever life offers me. I feel like I wake up every day and I’m just like, “Okay, what can I do and how can I do it better?” But also, “What is being given to me and how can I tackle it?” I feel like with those qualities, I’ve been able to make it where I am now.


I feel like the PROUD Prom is important because it’s offering a safe space for the youth to just be themselves, meet one another, and create a fun time and experience that they might not always get outside of that day. I think it’s important for everyone to just be who they are, express, and have fun – especially for prom. Prom is super important to us all, and everyone deserves one night of just fun and freedom.



I would say my style is very versatile. However I’m feeling is how I dress. If I’m feeling bold, then pretty sure there’s some bright colors happening. If I’m feeling lazy, I find the biggest sweater I can, throw it on, and go about my day.


I feel like the collection fits my style because it’s super comfy, it’s very easy to throw on, and it can fit a lot of different moods that I’m in.