Celebrating Individuals Like You and Yours.

Pairing duos across generations who support, challenge, and inspire one another as individuals, the #UGGLIFE campaign highlights these relationships and the spirit that brings our family together.

Featuring Slick Woods and her son, Kim Gordon and her daughter Coco, Luka Sabbat and his father Clark, Paloma Elsesser and her sister Ama, Sasha Lane and her brother Sergio, and design duo Eckhaus Latta, this campaign presents the Classic Revolution Collection, and celebrates individuals like you and yours.

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Slick Woods.

Mother / Model

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"To be an individual means to be yourself and don't care."

Working with UGG since SS19, Slick Woods is a widely sought-after model known for her unconventional look, liberated sense of style, and bold personality. Beyond her rebellious spirit and unapologetic confidence, the Los Angeles native is a mother pushing to create a better world for her son’s generation.

Child and baby laying
baby and woman in UGGs
lady holding her baby, both wearing UGGs
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Luka Sabbat.

Creative Entrepreneur / Actor

Clark Sabbat.

Designer / Creative Consultant

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"Accept me for who I am, take it or leave it. You either like it or you don't."

Working with UGG since its 40th Anniversary in AW18, Luka Sabbat is an actor and creative entrepreneur exploring the worlds of art, fashion, and entertainment. He’s Gen Z’s ‘It Boy’ thanks to his disruptive style, unique look, and trendsetting social media influence, which he leveraged into a blossoming career in TV and film. Luka inherited his artistic spirit from father Clark Sabbat, a designer and creative consultant.

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close up of man wearing brown UGGs
man standing in UGGs
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Sasha Lane.

Beholder (B.Y.G.C.M.W.Y.W -"But you're gonna call me what you want")

Sergio Lane.


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"I have nothing else to give besides myself."

Working with UGG since AW18, Sasha Lane is an actress and model known for her starring role in Andrea Arnold’s American Honey. Since her on-screen debut, she’s continued to make bold and unapologetic choices that defy convention, reflect her renegade spirit, and challenge outdated notions of beauty. Her brother Sergio Lane is a Los Angeles-based artist behind Slane Clothing, a unisex fashion brand that promotes positive self-image and inclusivity.

man and woman posing with legs and knees out
close up on black UGGs
Man and woman stadning in UGGs
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Kim Gordon.

Mother / Artist / Musician

Coco Gordon Moore.

Artist / Writer / Model

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"There isn't only one way a woman can be."

Working with UGG since AW17, Kim Gordon is a musician, artist, and founding member of post-punk band Sonic Youth. Credited as one of the boldest women in music, she’s been an experimental pioneer and rulebreaker across multiple disciplines throughout her career. Her daughter Coco Gordon Moore is an emerging model, artist, and writer based in New York. She’s modeled for publications like Dazed and i-D, as well as UGG partner Eckhaus Latta

Older lady and daughter sitting together
close up on white UGG boots
woman and daughter standing in UGGs
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Paloma Elsesser.

Model / Body Advocate

Ama Elsesser.

Model / Actor / Activist

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"The true essence of Open-Mindedness is essential to existence."

Paloma Elsesser is a plus-size supermodel and body advocate known for her natural beauty, outspoken voice, and aspirational spirit. Beloved by icons like Rihanna and Pat McGrath, she’s committed to inspiring young women to fully embrace who they are, especially their shape and their shade. Her sister Ama Elsesser is an emerging model and actress from Los Angeles who appeared in Jonah Hill’s directorial debut Mid90s last year.

woman laying with head in other woman's lap
close up on brown UGGs
two ladies sitting with their brown UGGs on display
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Mike Eckhaus.


Zoe Latta.


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"I think it's important to embrace your own identity and know it's important to be true to oneself."

Industry darlings Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta are the creative forces behind Eckhaus Latta, a bi-coastal fashion brand redefining the industry through innovative design, plus inclusive sizing and casting. Playing with tactility and form, they create clothing that reflects the individuality of its wearer, experimenting with different materials and production methods. The UGG + Eckhaus Latta Collection debuted in September 2019.

man leaning and woman standing
close up on black UGGs
man sitting in black UGGs, woman standing in white UGGs

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