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Vegetable Tanned Leather Care Instructions – Vachetta & Wrung

Vegetable-tanning is a natural dying process and is generally done without applying any protective coating to the actual material. Because of this natural process, a single raindrop may stain a pair of vegetable-tanned leather boots or shoes. However, with time the leather should develop a handsome broken-in look.

If you wish to gain a cleaner, more uniform look readily available cleaners and conditioners will help you maintain this. Common cleaning methods include the use of saddle soap, glycerin-based soap, or a simple unscented glycerin soap bar. These are gentle cleansers that will impart moisture to the leather, while leaving a protective coating.

You may also opt for commercial leather cleaners found at leather shops or at upholstery stores. When choosing a commercial grade cleaner, make sure it is formulated to both clean and moisturize leather and contains no drying agents like acetone or alcohol.

Once you have allowed your vegetable-tanned leather to dry slowly, away from direct sunlight or heat, you may apply a commercial protectant to keep it waterproof and stain resistant. These protectants seal the leather while still enabling it to breathe, as leather that cannot absorb moisture will dry and become brittle. Your vegetable-tanned leather will become darker with time and we advise you to let this process occur naturally for a beautiful aged look.

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